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Welcome to the Save the World wiki. Our planet faces an unprecedented crisis, and immediate action is necessary to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. If you're reading this, it's because you share our conviction that we must find a solution to the environmental challenges ahead. Tomorrow's heroes are the people who tackle climate change today.

This wiki serves two primary purposes:

  1. It demonstrates why creating a unified media campaign to motivate the public to push for climate change legislation is the single most important thing we can do to save the planet and lays out a plan to achieve this.
  2. It provides a reliable resource for climate activists to learn about climate change solutions.

There is a wealth of information on climate change, offering various perspectives on the actions we should take. However, to develop a collective plan, we must first address the most urgent issue facing us RIGHT NOW.

The Problem

We can work our way back from the overall problem to determine the first steps in solving it:

  1. The planet is warming due to the release of greenhouse gases and the destruction of natural habitats that remove these gases from the atmosphere. We must reverse these practices. Many solutions are available, but more are needed.
  2. These solutions involve legislation, technology, and lifestyle changes. Implementing them requires massive shifts in our practices.
  3. Significant societal changes only happen when the public is convinced of their necessity. This movement requires an effective communication strategy to encourage public support for change.

The Solution

This wiki outlines the elements required for this movement, in order of priority. Each element includes a brief description and a link to a dedicated page with more in-depth information:

  1. Communication: How can we effectively communicate the urgency of tackling climate change so that the public demands legislation?
  2. Civic action: Once people care about the issue, how can they influence their leaders to take action?
  3. Legislation: What laws need to be passed now that leaders are committed to facing the problem?
  4. Technology: Now that the legal framework exists, what technologies need to be developed for getting to net-zero emissions, and what can we start using today?
  5. Lifestyle: How can individuals make changes to their lifestyle that contribute to the solution now that government and private industries are on board?

Working on the first element doesn't mean we can't tackle all of these tasks simultaneously. We want people to demand action from their leaders now; for leaders to implement legislation now; for entrepreneurs and engineers to develop zero-carbon technologies now; and for individuals to make lifestyle changes now. However, none of this can succeed without public support. Therefore, we must prioritize convincing people before we can achieve anything else.

A Work in Progress

The Wiki is a work in progress. Below is a to-do list of things to add:

  • Money - we'll need substantial investment in order to get this movement off the ground. I imagine this will come in a myriad of ways. I'm particularly interested in figuring out how to draw money in for the communication element of the solution.
  • Diversity of opinion. Although we'd like a cohesive plan, at the moment, there aren't enough sources in this wiki. So we need to fill it out with more information from other reputable experts
  • Lots of detail needs to go in that isn't there now. The communication strategy requires more work, which will come with additional people working on the project. Legislation needs more clarity, and the lifestyle section needs to be properly expanded upon.

Other Stuff

Creating this wiki has inspired me to write some other things. Like the wiki, they're a work in progress:

  • An article for a peer review journal about the need for a movement like the one described in the wiki
  • ChatGPT's article, an article completely written by ChatGPT based on prompts I gave it to read certain sources and suggest solutions.
  • A proposal for a non-profit with the movement's mission